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Watch Hank Hilty

Watch Hank Hilty

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  • Brian Blain

    Brian Blane shows us his 1911 National that not only raced at the very 1st INDY 500 but also ran at the Santa Monica Road Races in the early teens. He gives us a tour of one of the earliest Indy Cars. Approximate Run Time: 5:15

  • Charles Nearburg

    Charles Nearburg gives us a tour of his beautiful Miller front wheel drive car then talks about his Land Speed Records set in his car The Spirit of Rett - named after his late son. He also shows off his tricked out Ford station wagon. Approximate Run Time: 28:30

  • Vic Edelbrock Jr.

    Vic Edelbrock Jr. shows off the car his father built for Roger Ward - a V8-60 that beat the Offy's at Gilmore. He also talks about the after market parts world and how So Cal was a major influence. Approximate Run Time: 21:30