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Watch Charles Nearburg

Watch Charles Nearburg

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  • Vic Edelbrock Jr.

    Vic Edelbrock Jr. shows off the car his father built for Roger Ward - a V8-60 that beat the Offy's at Gilmore. He also talks about the after market parts world and how So Cal was a major influence. Approximate Run Time: 21:30

  • Rick Rawlins

    After more than 85 years Rick Rawlins brings Ed Winfiled's "2-up / 2-down" Ford back to the remains of Legion Ascot to take a victory lap sure to wake the ghosts of racers past. Approximate Run Time: 7:45

  • Tom Malloy

    Emmett Malloy built Carrell Speedway and now his son Tom takes us back with some childhood memories and the #96 Roadster that was raced there by Rosie Rousell.
    Approximate Run Time: 2:30